Thanks Very much to our sponsors

The Celtic Challenge Association & Sandee Thailand
We are pleased to announce after extensive negotiations that our new exclusive equipment partner is Sandee Thailand.

Sandee have been an integral part of the celtic challenge since its inception & research shows that it is THE prominent brand worn by juniors in the championship so today is a very special one for us.

Sandee has built its reputation as a high quality brand, furnishing the world of Muay Thai kickboxing, MMA and traditional boxing with equipment that has truly stood the test of time endorsed by its tag, Unbreakable since 1977.

Sandee will be the headline sponsors for the new regional championships & all other Celtic events  & will support this with trade stands selling the full range of Martial Arts equipment & limited edition clothing & accessories.
These are very exciting times for thai boxing and especially the juniors & in 2014 The Sandee Celtic Junior Championships will provide a groundbreaking competition for all young Martial Artists with unique awards from the famous Sandee brand.

For further info or to place an order, either call 01978 854802 or e-mail