> Celtic Championship Challenge Association

> Initial meeting to discuss new Committee for UK/Celtic division of WMF /EMC/WAK-1F & For our involvement in WKA competitions..

> Meeting date: 16 March 2014 Meeting start time: 13:30

> Attendees:

> Pete Spensley ,Tracy Spensley ,Gordon Estlick ,Wendy Estlick

> Initial discussions were the new proposed roles to be offered and completion of new division of the Celtic Championship under the World Muay Thai Federation.

> Initially to set up a separate bank account for all funding - With 3 Board members as Account signatories..


Role of President - Peter Spensley 
Role of Chairman - Gordon Estlick
Role of Treasurer and Secretaries - Tracy Spensley and Wendy Estlick 
Role of Child Protection Officer - Lauren Spensley 
Role of Medical Officer - Les Hewitt A&E Medical
Role of Exclusive Sponsors Sandee Thailand & Advisor Steve Hewitt

> Discussion regarding the need for setup of various written constitution:
> Complaints Procedures
> Child Protection policy and procedure
> Disciplinary procedure and policy

> All proposed drafts to be completed by Wendy Estlick and reviewed by panel for agreement.

> Proposed roles to be offered for area representatives for the Committee Board:
Scotland Area: Keith Mclachlan
North East Area: Stuart Lowther 
North West Area: Gordon Estlick 
Midlands Area: Henry Cleminson 
South East Area: TBC 
South West Area: Steve Pender 
#Ireland: Walter Scott 
Wales: Paul Wheel (WPT - Swansea) 
North Greater London Area: Amir Subasic
South Greater London Area TBC
#Yorkshire Area: TBC
Shropshire and Staffordshire Area: Aaron Jones
South Coast: TBC
# areas may be split or representative may be changed as not approached prior to decision.

> All  representatives will undertake squad training & selection for there region for WMF /EMC & WAK-1F EVENTS & will be consulted regarding the WKA BRITISH OPEN & WORLD FINALS.

> Others proposed roles outlined:

> Lead Amateur Judge : Jack Lyons and assisted by Liam Hayes 
>Lead Professional Judge: Lisa Hambleton and assisted by Sean Mcloughlin , Paul Murphy..

> Lead Referees: Jack Lyons & Ronnie Thompson

> Technical & Operational Advisors:  David Knowles & 2 others TBC

> New WMF/EMC Licenses with Gradings to be introduced..

> There was a discussion of a team of the following ages to go to Portugal for a team of 16 fighters (total 38 inclusive of coaches and representatives) contact made to Pete Spensley. Proposed length is 1 week training and 1 weeks competition (dates not specific at this time). 12 countries to accept and then the whole package is fully functional & funded by Portugese representatives.
> Categories are: age 16 - 18 years (all weights) Adults (all weights)

> Exclusive Sponsors Sandee Thailand agree to extend the partnership with Celtic Challenge Association for another 5 years & Pete Spensley will report back next week from his meeting with Steve Hewitt ..( more big news to follow !!)

>It is essential that we convene a meeting with all committee members within 2 weeks ..

> Meeting concluded:16:00

> Thanks and Regards Wendy