When you take up a sport such as Muay Thai, the first thing that you should do is acquire a license. There are several reasons for this. First of all due to it's nature as a combat sport, where danger is present at times. It gives you peace of mind, that when you are training you will be covered by a very good insurance policy, in case an accident does occur. Also your gradings, courses and fights are officially recorded within your license book.

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Public and Products Liability
Public Liability insures your legal liability to pay
compensation tomembers of the public or club or
associationmembers if they are injured or their property is
damaged as a result of an accident caused by you, your
employees ormembers while acting on your behalf. Cover
also includes financial loss resulting fromtrespass,
obstruction or interference with any right of way, light, air or
Cover applies in the United Kingdomand any othermember
country of the European Union. It also applies elsewhere in
the world in respect of employees ormembers who are
temporarily abroad on your behalf.
Products Liability insures your legal liability to pay
compensation tomembers of the public if they are injured
or their property is damaged as a result of an accident
caused by your products.
limit of indemnity is £1 million pounds,,,


Personal Accident Insurance                                                                 
The cover provides a fixed payment for an accident
occurring while an Insured Person is taking part inmartial                               
arts training, grading, assessments or competitions
organised by the club or association, which results in death
or disablement.
The band of cover  shown below, each of
which give a range of capital sums and weekly benefits. A
wide range of extensions are automatically added to each   
band of cover..







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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Group Public Liability and Instructor Public and Products Liability?

Group Public Liability provides indemnity for your legal liability for damages, including claimant legal costs arising out of accidental injury to any person (other than employees), accidental loss or damage to third party property, nuisance and trespass and member to member indemnity.

Instructor Public and Products Liability provides a personal indemnity to an Instructor for liability arising from their instruction, demonstration or supervision of martial arts activity including legal defence costs.

What weapon use is accepted?

We cannot accept use of live bladed weapons on either the Group covers or Instructor Public and Products Liability.

Can a member have Instructor Public and Products Liability if they do not have a black belt?

Yes, provided that a senior Instructor can vouch for their experience.

Who qualifies for Instructor Public and Products Liability insurance?

All applicants must be over 18 years of age and have a qualification of black belt or confirm qualification to teach and be connected to a Club or Association.

How much does Instructor Public and Products Liability insurance cost?

Dependent on the Limit of Indemnity:
a £2,000,000 indemnity limit is £90 (including IPT at 6%)
a £5,000,000 indemnity limit is £110 (including IPT at 6%)
or a £10,000,000 indemnity limit is £125 (including IPT at 6%)

How much does Instructor Personal Accident insurance cost?

£65 per annan with platinum cover...

Can I pay for my Instructor Public and Products Liability cover on Credit/Debit card?

Yes, but we must have the fully completed proposal form returned to us no later than 7 days after taking your card details.

Please note that payment will not be processed and cover will not be put in place until the completed proposal form is received.

What activities are covered under my Instructor Public and Products Liability?

We will only cover activities which are described on your proposal form or which are subsequently notified to us and accepted.

I already hold Instructor Public and Products Liability cover, but I have been asked to teach outside of my Association, am I covered?

Yes. The cover is personal to you as an Instructor, but you have to be attached to an organisation.

Can I amend my indemnity limit on my Instructor Public and Products Liability policy?

Yes, we will require the return of your current certificate and payment of the additional premium.

I have lost my Instructor Liability Certificate and need a duplicate, can you issue one?

We can issue a duplicate; however a fee of £5 will be required.

Can I cancel or transfer my Instructor Public and Products Liability cover?

No, Instructor Liability covers are not transferable and cannot be cancelled mid-term.

Do I need to complete an application form for renewal of my Instructor Public and Products Liability cover?

Yes, this is a requirement of the Insurer.

What is Member to Member cover?

This forms part of the Group Public and Products Liability policy and provides cover for one Member to another Member for negligent injury. This is not a form of Personal Accident Insurance.

Why is Personal Accident insurance different to Public and Products Liability cover?

Personal Accident cover provides a benefit (subject to the policy terms) if a member is injured whilst participating in Martial Arts regardless of negligence. Liability cover is an indemnity for Legal Liability.

What is an Open Tournament?

For competitions/events organised by a Club or Association which is open for non-members to take part, the organising Club or Association is required to extend their cover for the duration of the competition/event.

The premiums and indemnity levels are shown on the Insurance Cost Summary. We will require the date, venue name, limit of indemnity and payment before cover can be issued.

What is the age limit on the group membership policies?

The minimum age is 4 years the maximum age is 70 years. The maximum age will only apply to the Personal Accident policy.

Who does the weekly benefit apply to on the Personal Accident policy?

It applies to members over 16 years of age only, unless the junior member is hospitalised. Benefit will be paid to the junior member for the period of the hospitalisation. The 2 week excess period will apply.

Does our Group cover/s apply outside the UK?

Yes. The policies are World-wide but excluding the USA and Canada in respect of Products Liability Cover though cover only applies to UK domiciled persons.

What is the procedure when we need to claim?

Contact us asap

What is Products Liability cover?

Product Liability provides indemnity for Legal Liability arising from the sale of goods. This may include for example, the sale of clothing, protective equipment, literature, food and drink. Product Liability is automatically included in our Instructor and Club Liability covers.